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How To Perform An Execution In For Honor

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In For Honor, you can perform executions on fallen foes. Executions aren't just awesome attacks that end in your enemies being gored or decapitated, learning how to execute in For Honor can lead to health and renown bonuses for your hero. Executing an enemy in For Honor isn't hard, but the whole execution system is more complex than it looks at first glance. Look below to see how to execute and unlock new executions in For Honor.

To execute an enemy in For Honor, whittle their health down until you're able to kill them in a single hit. Deliver the final blow using a Heavy Attack to initiate the execution quick time event. You'll know the quick-time-event has started when your weapon becomes lodged in the enemy. After your Heavy Attack hits, you'll be able to execute your opponent by pressing one of two buttons, each of which deals a different execution. On the Xbox One, you can use either X or Y to execute an enemy. On the PlayStation 4, an execution can be performed using Square and Triangle. While playing as one of the best characters in For Honor will improve your chances of winning, all characters are able to perform executions, even the slower-moving character like the Warlord.

In order to perform an execution in For Honor, your opponent’s health needs to be very low. The last hit to finish off the opponent must be a Heavy Attack. If you can connect a Heavy Attack as the final blow, you will be prompted to press Square or Triangle on PS4 (X or Y on Xbox One) to perform one of two executions. If you’re attacked during the execution animation or one of your allies attacks the enemy before your execution is completed it can interrupt the execution animation.

That's all well and good, but there's actually a strategic reason to do this. In For Honor, numbers are a huge deal. Being outnumbered when trying to capture an objective is usually going to result in your death. When you kill an enemy player without an execution, one of their teammates can resurrect them and give them a numbers advantage on an objective. Executions, however, disable resurrection and increase the executed player's respawn timer. Leaving the enemy team without a player for a few extra seconds can make a big difference. Finally, a video game with executions that are actually tactically sound. What a novel idea.

There are many benefits of performing an Execution, and there is a strategic element to it. When you execute an enemy, you get bonus Renown and points for it. Alongside the Renown and Points, you also regain a portion of your health, and the respawn time of the executed enemy also increases. The respawn timer of the enemy increases by 3 seconds in the game mode known as Dominion. The executed enemy can not be revived either, so executions can give your team a big advantage. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy For Honor Steel Credits from Mmocs at a reasonable price.
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